Entro's Udo Schliemann Shares His Thoughts on Color at Color Impact 2023

June 11, 2023


This year's Color Impact 2023: Color and Human Experience conference, organized by the Inter-Society Color Council, explores the significance of color from the perspective of multiple professions, including science, industry, education, art and design.

Join Entro's principal creative director, Udo Schliemann, as he leads a session on 'Color Response,' exploring how color can be used as a tool to identify and attract people to community and art centers. The presentation will demonstrate the relationship between color and the local community in branding, signage and building identification for cultural centers, including how color allows people to engage and identify with a facility or program to create a sense of home and inclusion.

Date: June 12, 2023
Time: Morning Session
Location: Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Rochester NY
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