Combining Aesthetics with Aviation at Memphis International Airport

September 12, 2022


Memphis International Airport has transformed its 1960’s style Concourse B into a bright, modern space that is both beautiful and convenient. Working alongside Alliiance Architects and Memphis-based UrbanARCH, Entro designed the wayfinding program for the 183,000 sf concourse expansion and renovation, which includes 23 new/expanded gates, moving walkways, a new concessions program, lounges, world-class restroom facilities, and a live performance stage.

In addition to the amenities, the atmosphere is different: there is more natural light, more room to move, and a stunning public art program featuring the works of 62 local artists.

The layout of the airport is open, linear, and intuitive, so we kept the wayfinding signage to a minimum. Signs integrate subtly with the environment: you find them where you need confirmation, without being distracted from the art program. We picked up on the interior’s natural materials and used a soothing shade of aqua blue, both of which add to the calm but airy environment.

VR testing was integral to the design process, enabling both the client and design team to take a virtual tour of the space and experience all of the interior elements, including signage, to study their placements, colours and forms – before they were built. Our drawings came to life in a way that facilitated well-informed design decisions.

We look forward to continuing work on the airport’s master planning, as part of the overall Terminal Modernization project. Find out more about Memphis Airport from Alliiance Architects and UrbanARCH.

Photos by M E L L O N . S T U D I O