Creativity at Home

May 10, 2022


We all need an occasion to play! That is the spirit of the Entro Drawing Club. And so, the club became an online space to share our drawings, painting and other crafty projects. The projects shared are (usually) based on a monthly theme, decided on by the group, and explored in any which way.

Here are a few contributions to the 'footwear' theme.
Above: My Shoe by Monika Meyer. Below: Shoes for all Seasons by Angela Carter.

Another time the theme was house plants.

Left: Fiddle Leaf Fig by Lauren Kuzyk. Right: Chinese Money Plant by Kevin Cortez.

Left: Little Tree Plan by Angela Carter. Right: "I don’t know what these are called, but both the flowers and the leaves will open during the day and close up during the night" by Edmund Li.

Left: RIP Beautiful Orchid by Angela Carter. Right: Spiky Plant by Monika Meyer.

Orchid Studies in Ink by Kevin Cortez.

Small Cactus! by Kevin Nock.

Rhodri Gruffudd by Gil Lehmann (for the portrait theme).

In response to the "signs of autumn" theme, Edmund Li shared his adorable acorn project. Edmund's daughter Arianna joined in with "Fall, Acorns, and Leaves" (below).

Left: Circle of Friends by Matt Low. Right: Locust Leaves in Love by Michelle Parrish