Communicating a Unified System for OC Transpo

March 8, 2017


The strength of any transit system is not only in its ability to provide services efficiently, but also in ensuring that riders can clearly understand what services are available, and how they can be accessed. Entro is currently working with OC Transpo to make this a reality through branding initiatives and a reorganization of their service hierarchy and communications platform.

Entro was originally introduced to the project to develop a more efficient navigation and signage program to better communicate the multiple services of OC Transpo, especially in preparation for Ottawa’s new light rail services being introduced in 2018. Through a study and assessment of OC Transpo’s current brands, trips, route structure and signage program we created a strategy to provide the experience of one seamless journey for riders. Imperative to this is cohesive communications, which require simplification of the multiple identities in the existing brand architecture.

Part of this simplification comes in the form of a red “O” – a brand identifier that communicates to riders the idea of ‘one system’ – one where all services are truly connected, and provide the same level of efficiency and care throughout. This will become especially important when light rail transit is added to the system.

We have provided a detailed summary of our strategy for this combined brand rollout and wayfinding. In it we explain the logic behind this large “O” icon and the crucial components needed to provide the experience of one seamless journey for riders. As OC Transpo pursues this strategy, Entro has taken a leading role in the creation of the system’s visual language, as well as the strategic planning and implementation of the wayfinding program and mapping system used across all system interfaces (bus stops, stations, etc.)

Much of the development remains underway and we will provide more details of the project as it progresses. It is exciting to be part of this rebrand in the nation’s capital, particularly as Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary this summer.