A Connected Mode of Travel: All Aboard Florida

March 14, 2016


Bright­line is All Aboard Florida’s express service provid­ing stress-free, comfort­able and connected inter­city travel in one of the most popu­lous and visited regions in the United States. The signage and wayfind­ing program is designed to provide the desired ease of navi­ga­tion and to empha­size the conve­nience and friend­li­ness of the service.

Yellow is the key color of the Bright­line brand iden­tity. Within the stations a yellow accent is expressed on entry­ways, esca­la­tors, stair­wells, and near eleva­tors that mark key wayfind­ing land­marks. The yellow line is also adapted to accom­mo­date vary­ing situ­a­tions (a sun, a smiley face, a star), rein­forc­ing Brightline’s iden­tity in a play­ful manner. The style and shape of wayfind­ing signs, includ­ing fonts and pictograms, main­tain this look and feel. The program, which Entro devel­oped in collab­o­ra­tion with Penta­gram, commu­ni­cates the warmth and friend­li­ness of the service.