Zürich | by G+A Zürich


The Archaeological Collection at the University of Zürich began in 1852 when professors from the University used earnings from public lectures to collect plaster casts of antique sculptures. Today, the museum is a prominent feature within the Department of Classical Archeology's historic building. G+A Zürich works with the museum on promotional materials as well as exhibit design.

The strong graphical language of the design achieves that fine balance between honouring history and creating relevance today, and positions the collection (and museum) to stand out within Zürich’s competitive cultural scene.

The “Vitrina” exhibit explores contrasting modern photography with items from the archeological collection to create a provoking exhibit where modern and antique ideals clash.

Photography by Ingrid Keller, a german photographer living in Athens, features display mannequins from shops in her home town.

The "Göttlich Menschlich" exhibit features roman bronze items found in Switzerland. The extensive collection lets visitors embark on a fascinating journey to the world of antique cultures.

Exhibit design work by G+A Zürich includes didactical content on banners, walls, plaques, etc. as well as all promotional items, from poster to invitation cards and exhibit catalogues.

Photographs of the exhibits are courtesy of Archeological Collection.

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