Toronto, Ontario


Bris­bin Brook Beynon Archi­tects is a full service archi­tec­tural firm with inter­na­tional pres­ence and an award-winning port­fo­lio. Their exper­tise spans multi­ple sectors, includ­ing: sports, enter­tain­ment, educa­tion, hospi­tal­ity and retail. For BBB, Entro designed a brand iden­tity and language that under­scores the progres­sive mind­set of the firm and lets their work speak for itself.

The word­mark/logo created by orient­ing “Bris­bin Brook Beynon” at a ninety-degree angle from “Archi­tects” ensures continuity of the brand equity built in the BBB monogram while build­ing new name recog­ni­tion for the part­ners.

The struc­ture of the word­mark refer­ences archi­tec­tural forms, and offers graphic flex­i­bil­ity; it can be used hori­zon­tally as on the busi­ness cards, or verti­cally as per the letter­head and website.

The company’s website acts as an online slideshow of the firm's work, incor­po­rates paired down navi­ga­tion, and aside from contact infor­ma­tion, is devoid of extra­ne­ous content. We applied a simi­lar logic to the company’s proposal template, with a clean, modu­lar design and plenty of white space to high­light the firm’s projects and imagery.

The complete brand iden­tity promotes Bris­bin Brook Beynon Archi­tects’ repu­ta­tion for visu­ally iconic archi­tec­ture of the high­est qual­ity.