CODAWorx Booth, AIA Conference

New York, NY


CODAWorx, the hub of the commissioned art economy, is the premiere resource to find and hire talented artists, creative teams, and the qualified sub-contractors that are experienced in the creation of commissioned artwork. For the AIA Conference in New York, they invited a group of artists and designers to represent the community by showcasing their works on a communal booth.

The fabric strips carrying artwork of all the designers proved an effective centerpiece. The eye-catching display allowed for the booth to be recognized from afar. As a result, the booth drew a crowd, with visitors treating the booth as a landmark on the trade floor.

Entro designed the booth to reflect the CODAWorx identity but at the same time allow each artist and designer to be identifiable as well, with each pillar featuring the artists' story and work. Visitors enjoyed the display, and artists met at the booth, treating it as a sort of networking hub, where they could make new industry connections.