Pickering Casino

Pickering, Ontario


A new destination in the Greater Toronto Area, Pickering Casino Resort by One Toronto Gaming is poised to attract thrill seekers from near and far, offering an impressive alternative to venues in Toronto, Barrie, and Niagara Falls. The state-of-the-art Pickering Casino Resort is multi-faceted, featuring a variety of original restaurants, a boutique hotel, performance venues, ample parking, the latest slots and table games.

Given its numerous components and its size — Pickering Casino Resort presented a unique opportunity for branding and visual identification. Entro conducted thorough background research and led collaborative discovery sessions with stakeholders, the outcome of which was a strong brand strategy, with a visual identity and language that is versatile enough for all applications. Together with One Toronto Gaming, our goal was to create something bold yet elegant, a visual expression capable of distinguishing Pickering Casino Resort from its peers while working well within the One Toronto Gaming family.

The logo design is successful as it is visually striking but also rich with meaning, a layering of many parts and ideas that come together as one whole. The brand’s array of circular forms generates visual excitement, as their spiral resembles dazzling fireworks or sparks. Their motion draws the eye inward, to the abstract image at the brand’s centre. This negative space can be read multiple ways: as a ‘P’ for Pickering, as an ‘O’ for One Toronto Gaming, or as a classic symbol of the casino experience – the coin or token. To acknowledge that the resort offers a refined sense of excitement and a casually upscale experience, the form is restrained, leaving ample white space and clean, unadorned shapes.

The brand’s warm palette, graphic elements and key messages create a unique character and tone of voice that conveys the innovative and welcoming atmosphere of Pickering Casino Resort. The supporting typeface is modern, easy to read and lends itself well to all applications. The typeface used, Gotham, is geometric sans-serif typeface designed with Gotham Medium for ‘Pickering’ and Gotham Book’ for ‘Casino Resort’ to differentiate the two. There is a large contrast between these font types, and the typeface has a vertical axis. This modern and clean typographic presence not only supports the intricate identity artwork, but it also lends itself well to various applications, including signage, and enhances the recognition of the Pickering Casino Resort’s visual identity.

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