Toronto, Ontario


R-Labs is an incubator space designed to bring the real-estate and technology communities together to solve today’s major problems in housing and commercial real estate. By connecting people, ideas, technology and capital, they enable innovative companies to spawn and grow.

As a collaborative hub , workspace, and host to numerous conferences, networking events and seminars, R-Labs was excited to create a space that engages and informs potential clients, sponsors, and visiting industry professionals.

Entro developed an environmental graphics program and innovation wall inspired by the R-Labs themes of innovation, collaboration, and achievement. The vision for the wall is that it will be dynamic and expandable allowing new content to be incorporated over time, revealing the authentic story of the outcomes of the work that takes place here.

With emphasis on the people that make it possible, the wall is a collage of words, images, and objects that represent the source of ideas or the artifacts of the various endeavors of the R-Labs ventures.

Drawing on R-Labs’ brand identity, a bold welcome wall and a sophisticated sponsor recognition installation introduce visitors to the company and space. The consistent colour palette and repeated use of the large “R” provide visual unity as the graphic program continues to tell R-Labs’ story. Visitors can learn about R-Labs’ Venture Process as well as explore an exhibit of their achievements.

Meanwhile, playful pictograms and bold colours evoke a fun and energetic atmosphere. Dotted chalk lines drawn whimsically throughout reproduce the creative process – and the importance of play – in any innovation.