Serpentine Pavilion - Unzipped Exhibition



In the summer of 2018, a vibrant addition to the King West neighbourhood grabbed the attention of Torontonians. Located on the future site of KING Toronto, a large-scale mixed use development, Unzipped was an exhibition that explored how architecture plays a critical role in community building and art integration. It showcased the work of Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), an architecture firm based in Copenhagen, and their collaborations with Westbank, a development group.

Unzipped was housed within the “Serpentine Pavilion” - a unique structure designed by BIG and commissioned by Westbank. The pavillion represented an “unzipped wall” made of 1802 stacked fibreglass boxes. It was reflective of BIG’s ‘pixilated’ style and mirrored how the aesthetic style will be incorporated into the KING Toronto development.

Entro worked closely with both BIG and Westbank on the Unzipped exhibition to create a cohesive visitor experience through graphic design. An art-piece in itself, the pavilion embodies innovation and experimentation, and our design team needed to help support this vision.

The graphics set the stage leading up to the exhibit, beginning with the story of the Serpentine Gallery applied to panels meant to mimic the Pavilion’s forms. Within the Pavilion, the relationship between patron and architect is explored through exhibit graphics and multimedia content set within the fiberglass boxes paired with large-scale models.

Entro’s work extended beyond the physical site to include the exhibit program, direct mailers, and memorabilia such as poster and postcard sets. Unzipped was exhibited free to the public until December 2, 2018.