Vancouver, British Columbia


The Sinclair Centre in Vancouver is a government office and retail complex made up of four distinct heritage buildings connected by a glass covered atrium and galleria walkways. Entro’s wayfinding program for the Centre is a stand alone contemporary system that integrates with the architecture.

A clear separation between the new Sinclair Centre identity, and that of the Federal Identity Program (FIP) was created. Entro’s solution combined a new bilingual wordmark for the Centre with a contemporary maple leaf motif. The distinctive colour palette for the program is inspired by the copper dome of the post office clock tower and the stately blue of the Canadian passport office. On the exterior, the wordmark and leaf motif are rendered in contrasting stainless steel finishes and sit in relief against the historical stone facades.

The wayfinding solution moves people toward the central space of the complex using a series of ‘street’ information pylons with colour coded elevator identification, simplified directions and orientation maps.