Toronto, Ontario


Toronto’s Air Rail Link known as Up Express connects Union Station, Toronto’s down­town tran­sit hub, with Pear­son Inter­na­tional Airport. Entro devel­op­ed and imple­ment­ed an inte­grated wayfind­ing system to serve the four stations that make up the route.

Entro exam­ined traf­fic flows, inter-modal connec­tions, service hier­ar­chies, and the needs specific to each station. We then devel­oped a clear visual hier­ar­chy to support the multi­ple tran­sit services that traverse each hub, includ­ing: UP, The TTC, and GO Tran­sit. Special atten­tion was given to exte­rior wayfind­ing at Pear­son, to make certain that routes to the UP termi­nal were very clear, in a highly complex envi­ron­ment.

The harmo­niza­tion of wayfind­ing for UP within the larger tran­sit hier­ar­chy gives pres­ence to this new service, while adapt­ing to each archi­tec­tural envi­ron­ment and main­tain­ing clear direc­tion to exist­ing tran­sit options.