We understand the power of design to inform everyday experiences and are continually thinking about how to push our industry forward. Our aim is to propose additional perspectives, better approaches, and considerations of different user groups. We want to share our knowledge and research while creating opportunities for open discourse with our peers and clients that can further this understanding. We have authored the white papers below:

Anticipating and Designing for Change – Wayfinding for Evolving Airports

‘Anticipating and Designing for Change: Wayfinding for Evolving Airports’ considers the role of wayfinding in response to the changing ways that passengers use and interact with airport spaces, and the certain considerations and strategies that can empower a partnership in the planning and development of future airport spaces.

Inclusive Washrooms – A Solution Through Signage

‘Inclusive Washrooms: A Solution Through Signage’ recommends best practices and a signage standard that responds to inclusive washrooms using a universally recognized and understood approach that accommodates basic rights to gender identity and expression.

Donor recognition

‘Donor Recognition with Impact: Planning for the Built Environment’ responds to the common questions and challenges that arise in the donor display design process. The paper explores how donor recognition installations are purposefully designed to support a brand message, provide the necessary acknowledgement of thanks to supporters, encourage increased giving, and enhance the built environment.